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Specialised research and related services

In addtion to our social and market research, we provide a number of other services, including:

Strategic consultancy

The partners of our company have, between them, a considerable number of years in the research industry; both as providers as well as clients. Their extensive experience is available to clients wishing to obtain advice and guidance to help them identify or refine their research needs.

Omnibus services

Our omnibus service provides a cost-effective research solution for clients who have a relatively small number of questions to ask. By combining their questions with those of other clients in one survey, they share the costs of conducting that survey and avoid the cost of funding the entire survey on their own.

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Survey design

We offer a full questionnaire design service. This can start with the articulation of a research problem, a list of draft questions or even a draft questionnaire, from which our staff will design the final questionnaire so that it is fit-for-purpose.

When the questionnaire is scripted and tested as a CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) questionnaire or online survey questionnaire, there is the option of arranging to have it cognitively pre-tested with a small sample of the intended audience. As a matter of course, all questionnaires are piloted before being adminstered proper.

Sampling design

Most of our surveys are conducted with samples drawn from our client's own databases of customers or stakeholders. We can assist in designing and drawing the most effective type of sample, whether it is a simple random sample or a complex sample involving stratification.

Our aim is always to ensure the sample delivers the highest possible accuracy for the least cost.

Fieldwork only services

We have developed one of the most sophisticated CATI facilities in New Zealand, specialising in social research, and one of the few in New Zealand that is accredited with our industry's highest quality standard.

Our CATI facility meets the requirements of the Research Association of New Zealand's IQS system. Interview Quality Standard (IQS) ensures all survey research is completed in conformance with ISO 20252.

Regrettably, response rates in all countries where population surveys are conducted have been decreasing, as the survey burden on respondents has increased. We have developed and proven a number of techniques that maximise the response rate in surveys and improve the quality of the information obtained. Among these are sending pre-notification letters to named respondents so that they know that they will be contacted.

In a high proportion of cases, we succeed in obtaining the interview on the first call and if not, we make appointments for suitable interview times. Where respondents are not available, we call back on different days and at different times, before a substitution is made.

In some surveys, it is possible to improve the response rate by offering the respondent the option of talking to an interviewer of the same ethnic group. However, the interview itself is conducted in English, unless it is part of the design that the survey is conducted in another language, in which case the questionnaire is translated into the language(s) specified.

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Māori and Pacific research services

While we have experienced, internal resources to complete research with Māori and Pacific peoples (both quantitative and qualitative), we also have long-established working relationships with a number of independent researchers and consultants. These researchers and consultants make an important contribution to our work, at all stages, ensuring that our research design, fieldwork, analysis and reporting reflect relevant cultural world views and protocols.

We prescribe to the research guidelines published by Te Puni Kōkiri for research involving Māori and have also applied these guidelines to our research with Pacific and Asian peoples.

Data processing services

Data files from our CATI and online surveys can be seamlessly extracted from our computer system to review the progress of a survey and obtain provisional results.

In many surveys, a number of questions are semi-structured and therefore require some form of coding. Our researchers are experienced at developing coding frames (with our clients' assistance) for the purposes of identifying the frequency with which major themes are embedded in the responses to these questions. In fact, we have developed electronic verb mining tools for this purpose.

Data files can be provided to you in a variety of formats from flat files (CSV), Excel or Access files, or if required, SPSS and SAS files. Fields can be created in the data file to manage weighting and the classification of sub-populations of interest. SPSS syntax can be provided for the production of frequency distributions and tables output. This output can also be provided as an Excel spreadsheet at an early stage of the data file preparation, to allow the client to begin their analysis process as early as possible.

Data analysis services

All analysis at Research New Zealand is completed by the research teams directly responsible for surveys rather than a data analysis team. This reflects our belief that, if the analysis is to be fit-for-purpose, it is best completed by the researchers who know that purpose and objectives of the survey.

As a result, all researchers in our company have data analysis skills, with a number having advanced analysis skills supported by post-graduate studies. These researchers are available for ad hoc analysis projects involving, for example, the analysis of secondary information (such as a client’s administrative database) or the results of a survey independently designed and completed by a client.

e-reporting services

We offer a full consultancy service, or a design and build service, to researchers and managers wanting electronic access to the results of their research, in a way that enables them to efficiently and effectively interpret the results, or share them with internal or external stakeholders.

Literature scans and review services

Through a highly experienced team of information managers and librarians, we can provide a comprehensive literature scan and review service, for managers and policy makers wishing to inform themselves with an evidence base for the purposes of developing policies or programmes.

Design and maintenance of information websites

This is a service provided through our experienced team of information managers and librarians.

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