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Latest special report

Changing Face of New Zealand

Results from the 2018 Census of Population & Dwellings began to be published late last year, after Statistics New Zealand had completed its data quality checking processes. Participation in the 2018 Census was lower than previous censuses and as a result, Statistics New Zealand used data from administrative sources and different methodologies to produce a fit-for-purpose dataset.

The purpose of this special report is to provide highlights from the 2018 Census dataset in order to describe the changing face of New Zealand. Much of the data presented in this report is based on data variables that Statistics New Zealand has given a "high" or "very high" quality rating.

This includes the following variables: population count (usually resident), age, gender, ethnicity, Māori descent, and usual residence address (meshblock).

Where appropriate, we have also used projections to describe what New Zealand might look like in the immediate future.

View the report here

Latest media release

New poll: Are we being too blasé?

In a new poll taken one week after New Zealand entered Alert Level 2 restrictions, just over one-half of the nationally-representative sample of n=1,002 respondents (59%) said they thought that New Zealanders were observing social distancing rules 'most of the time' and five percent 'all of the time'. This compares with 27% of thought they were observing them 'occasionally' and eight percent 'not at all'.

That's a 2:1 ratio behaving responsibly.

Furthermore, only 18% said they had started keeping a log or using an app. for contact tracing purposes, although since we moved to Alert Level 2, many respondents said they were having higher levels of social contact; 55% had got together with friends and family, 45% had gone back to work, and 42% had gone to the shops or a shopping mall for something other than 'essential' items.

Read the full report here.

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