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What we do

We love New Zealand. It is a small and beautiful country.

But this doesn't mean it is a simple place. Far from it. Understanding it better is what drives us.

Research New Zealand is one of the country's most highly regarded research companies.

We are experts in understanding the social and business landscape, and have honed the skills needed for this over many years.

We all live in Wellington and we are 100% locally owned. We don't tell you this as a piece of patriotic jingo-ism. We are not some multi-national here to make a buck.

We are here to make a positive difference, because this is our home.

Our company has changed considerably over the years. We started as a small boutique company called BRC (Business Research Centre) in 1990.

Since then, we have grown and grown. In fact, we now have about 15 world-class researchers and support staff, and more than 50 equally skilled interviewers on board. Like New Zealand itself, we come from richly diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

To reflect the expertise we have gained over the years, and our focus, we are now called Research New Zealand. There is no question that researching New Zealand is what we love to do.

With our intimate knowledge of Aotearoa, we are better able to put together tailored social and market research programmes.

We also conduct detailed policy evaluations for our public sector clients, and literature reviews to inform policy and programme development.

Alongside these activities, we are highly sought-after to conduct market research for many businesses.

But really, we see our role as being very simple.

Whatever your questions or goals, we love to take them on and really get inside New Zealanders to discover the truth and inspire our clients to action.

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